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#Question# How can I do SEO for free?


Hey Hi. I am an aspiring Blogger. I googled around and found there are SEO Experts but they charge a big money which currently I am not able to afford. Can you please suggest How can I do SEO For free?

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If you do not take help of SEO Expert, then it is obvious you have to do SEO by yourself. And it is free. 

If you want to do SEO by yourself then go for On Page SEO first. 

In On Page SEO, your webpage must have title tag, meta tags, heading tags.

Each webpage must have only one heading h1 tag.

Title tag and heading h1 tag must contain your targetted keyword. 

If you have image tags then include alt attribute with a value. 

Mark relevant related keyword in the content with bold tag. 

If you have external links then mark it with rel nofollow attribute. 

Once On Page SEO is done, then its time for Off Page SEO

In Off page seo, share webpage link on social media platforms. Submit guest posts at various sites. Publish web2.0 site and share your webpage links. Do post comments in other websites and share your link.

The most important part keep eye on search console and observe which keywords are pulling traffic to your website. Thats it. 

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