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#Question# How does Search Engine Optimization Works in 2020?


People say with out Search Engine Optimization, it is not possible to get even 100 visitors per day to website. I am curious to know how does Search Engine Optimization works and will be helpful in 2020 also. 

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With recent Google Search Engine Alogorithm, SEO has changed bit. Hopefully, it will be bit different in 2020. But irrespective of the updates, the basic ranking factors going to remain same. 

So following is the description about how search engine optimization works?

Search Engine has crawlers. Crawlers are known as bot, spiders. These crawlers discover new webpage link and store in the search engine database. 

This listing of webpage link in search engine database is known as Index

Once a webpage link is indexed, crawlers collect data from the webpage link. The common elements in a webpage link from where these crawlers collect data are title tag, meta tags, heading tags, bold tags, alt attribute value from image tags and hyperlinks. 

Once a user queries on the search engine, it ranks all the relevant webpage links present in the database depending upon more than 200 factors and presents in the search results. 

This common logic is going to exist as far as search engines exist. This way search engine optimization works. 

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