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#Question# What is On Page Search Engine Optimization?


I am struggling to get good traffic. These days came to know about SEO. I am stuck here! What is on page SEO? Please guide with best example. Thanks. 

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Search Engine Optimization is essential for driving organic traffic to the website. Most users prefer to search on Google, Bing and then visit relevant links present in the search results. Search engines are determined to provide best user experience. 

So now the question is How do search engine know which webpage link contains what data?

Search engines has crawlers that keeps on crawling listed webpage link in the search engine database and keep collecting data. If crawlers discovers a new webpage link then it immediate lists in the search engine database. 

This listing of new webpage link in the search engine database is known as Index or Indexing. 

Here we need to notice, crawlers do not collect every data from webpage link but collects only those data which it understands. 

What are the elements in a webpage which a search engine crawler can understand?

  • Meta Tags
  • Title tag
  • Heading Tags
  • Bold Tags
  • Alt attribute value from Image Tags
  • Hyperlinks

Therefore we need to optimise our content of the webpage in a way that the main keyword of the webpage content and related information are smartly distributed around these elements. 

This intelligently organised content around the above mentioned elements is known as Optimization. Because we are optimizing the content for search engine crawlers. So it is called on page search engine optimization. 

Few important tips for On Page SEO

  • Title should have the main keyword
  • Webpage content should contain single only one heading tag. Heading tag should have the main keyword. 
  • Meta description tag should also have at least one keyword in it. 
  • There must be plenty related keyword to the main keyword in the content. Some of the important keyword should be marked as bold text. 
  • If webpage content has image, then the image must have alt attribute with a value. 
  • If you are using external links and do not want to pass your page reputation to the external link then you must nofollow attribute. 
  • Hyperlink text (anchor text) plays important role in SEO. Use meaningful anchor text. Avoid using anchor text such as 'Know more','Read More','Click here' etc. 

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